Nån som varit med om att bli, ja, vad säger man kapad?
Fick det här mejlet igår:

Hello Karin, I live in Vancouver, BC Canada and I recently signed up to a dating site called www.ourtime.com I responded to a nice profile for a lady called Jessica Willgood, and have been texting and calling for the past few weeks as she said that she was out of town on business in New York. The reason that I am writing this to you is that the pictures that she has posted to her profile are of you… I google searched the images and they are from your blog posts over the past few years. I wanted to let you know out of courtesy, and that I have seen a beautiful person through your pictures and just wanted to reach out and say Hello…
I have back tracked the source to a Russian Scam to exract data from people\’s email accounts.. I just wanted to let you know and I am a huge believer in Karma too, so trust that the people behind this are just not nice people.
Having looked at your website and blog a bit, although my swedish is not very good 🙂 I see a really amazing person in you and truly wish you well.

Kind regards, Michael

Ja, vad ska man säga. Det var inte jag. Jag är inte på någon dejtingsajt. Jag är gift och inte intresserad av några dejts. Jag har mejlat dejtingsiten. Och hoppas ju så klart att de tar bort mig, men vad märkligt det känns. Man vet inte var man kan dyka upp och i vilka sammanhang.

Nån som vet vad man ska göra, ska man anmäla någon annanstans. Tips emottages tacksamt.

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